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The following guinea pig story, which was created by my friends Diane and Ray Rousseau, is included in this website, Just For Fun.

The Christmas Secret

of the

Guinea Elves

by Ray Rousseau (photos) and Diane Rousseau (text)

Christmas secret of the Guinea Elves.

It Was The Night before Christmas, and Santa's special Guinea-Deers and Elf Pigs were in the forest waiting to hear their special call in the air waves to help Santa with Presents that were needed...

Christmas secret of the Guinea Elves.

Emme-Deer thought she heard Santa's voice, and Leela-pig-Elf felt she should hurry and get the Presents ready for "pickup" for Santa...

Christmas secret of the Guinea Elves.

Emme-Deer looked and she saw Santa, she was filled with joy even more this year for she knew a secret about Leela. Meanwhile, Leela-Pig-Elf thought of all the Presents that needed her attention and felt she should tell Emme they were not ready yet... Continued