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The following guinea pig story, which was created by my friends Diane and Ray Rousseau, is included in this website, Just For Fun.

Little Leela Guinea Pig

Earns Her Wings


Ray J. Rousseau (photos and sets) and Diane M. Rousseau (story and art)

Picture of Guinea Pig

Once Upon A Time there was a little Guinea Pig named Leela who wanted Angel Wings like the big Guinea Angels in Heaven. Leela pig often looked at the sky. She would wonder if she was accepted, and if she loved enough.

One night, Leela guinea pig had a dream...

Picture of Guinea Pig

In her dream, Leela went to Heaven. There she met an older Guinea pig named Emie. "What are you doing in my dream," she asked Emie?

Emie pig answered, "I knew you were having this dream, so I came to tell you how Guinea Pigs earn their Angel Wings."

Picture of Guinea Pig

"Is it hard?" asked Leela pig.

"It can be," said Emie pig, "but not if you believe in yourself."

"Believe in myself?" asked Leela pig, "but how?"

"There is a way," replied Emie pig.....

Picture of Guinea Pig

Emie looked at Leela pig. She was very young, Emie thought, but, maybe she will understand. Leela pig looked at Emie. She knew this could be very hard. After all, was she a good little guinea pig? Emie pig seemed to think so.

"Come follow me," said Emie pig with a wise smile, "and I will show you the way..."

Picture of Guinea Pig

Leela Pig set out to follow after Emie pig. But, Emie moved so fast! How could she keep up with Emie pig? Emie seemed to know the way, and moved up the mountain with great ease. She looked back at Leela pig and said, "Come on, you can do this, you must want to..."

Picture of Guinea Pig

Emie pig was so far ahead. Little Leela pig thought she saw something on Emie in the clouds, or did she? She could barely see Emie pig. But Emie pig called out again, "Come on, believe..."

Picture of Guinea Pig

"Where did you go Emie"? Cried Leela pig. "I am not as strong or as wise as you. I do not seem to know my way."

On the air waves she heard Emie pigs voice, "Oh, but you are as strong as me. in fact you are also right behind me."

"I am?" asked Leela pig, "Why can't I see you then?"

"But you can," said Emie, "I am right here!" Continued